The Giulery Box

The Giulery Box is a project inspired by my daughter Giuliana (Giules).  Giuliana was born in 2012 and is my shining light. She is all I could have imagined for my little girl; she is strong, she is fierce, she is loving and compassionate, she is sensitive and intelligent.  She was also born with a Congenital Heart Defect, and at 10 months, cardiologists confirmed that she would need to have open heart surgery to fix her little broken heart.

It was through strength, love, prayer and support of family and friends,  the amazing Doctors, Surgeons, Specialists, Nurses and support staff at the Stollery, that we, our little family persevered.  

On August 24, 2015, Giuliana had the hands of our very own Superhero's inside her body repairing her broken heart, making her our SuperGirl!!  It was through strength, love and support of family and friends, the amazing doctors, specialists, nurses and support staff at the Stollery, that we, our little family, persevered. 

Giuliana had always had a very special place in her heart and mind for the Madonna and God.  After her surgery, Giuliana had taken religion and her love of Mother Mary to a level we were absolutely amazed and in awe of.

As a family, we had travelled to Italy to visit family.  Giuliana spent many hours in churches and at 'Festas' in honour of our patron saints and the Madonna.  While in Italy, she kicked off her now infamous collection of Saints and religious 'Cartoline' (cards).  It was at this moment, that the idea for The Giulery Box came to me.

It is very comforting to look over and see my daughter surrounded by the little spiritual items that mean a great deal to her.  I love watching her become aware of and embrace our faith. 

For a few years, I have been looking for spiritual gifts and items that I could imagine my daughter loving and holding dear to her, items I would have loved to put her in as a baby, such as a onesie, or a teddy bear for her to cuddle, a pillowcase for her to lay her head on, etc.  It is my hope that others will share in our excitement for The Giulery Box! We invite you to have a look through, what we call, our treasure chest.

Giuliana's Mom,

Sandie Sorgiovanni-Stabile
The Giulery Box